UPDATE: The temperature / humidity sensor has failed and will have to be replaced.
July 19, 2019 - the replacement sensors have arrived and I will be replacing the bad sensors as soon as possible. Big spider nest in the rain gauge will have to be removed as well...

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from: Jul 20 2019 4:29 am until: Jul 21 2019 12:00 am Air Quality Alert 
from: Jul 20 2019 4:29 am until: Jul 21 2019 8:00 pm Excessive Heat Warning level: Moderate
Possible threat to life or property - Responsive action SHOULD be taken soon (within next hour)

Weather history

Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Temperature  88.4°F
Maximum88.8°F (2:13 am)76.8°F (4:18 am)89.6°F 89.6°F 
Minimum71.8°F (12:53 am)70.7°F (10:45 am)60.3°F -2.7°F 
 windchill  88.4°F 
Minimum72.0°F (11:59 pm)71.0°F (9:08 am)60.0°F -15.0°F 
 heatindex  122.7°F  
Maximum143.0°F (2:13 am)75.0°F (3:34 am)122.7°F 122.7°F 
 Solar radiation  113 w/m2 
Maximum 786 w/m2  (5:50 am)274 w/m2 (3:03 am)1027 w/m2 1176 w/m2 
 UV index  1.6   
Maximum 5.4  (1:02 am) 2.4  7.4  7.9  
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
Rain / Melt 0.00 in  0.00 in  0.00 in  16.66 in 
Evapotranspiration0.09 in  0.06 in 1.99 in 14.43 in 
 Humidity  100%  
Maximum100% (3:33 am)27% (7:00 am)    
Minimum27% (7:00 am)27% (7:00 am)    
 Dew Point  88.4°F  
Maximum89.0°F (1:58 am)40.0°F (3:13 am)    
Minimum36.0°F (11:59 pm)35.0°F (9:20 am)    
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Pressure  29.30 inHg  Falling Slowly
Maximum29.39 inHg (3:11 am)29.43 inHg (10:51 am)29.66 inHg 30.19 inHg 
Minimum29.30 inHg (2:50 am)29.37 inHg (3:01 am)29.20 inHg 28.75 inHg 
 Wind  0.0 mph   Wind from NNW  Calm
Gust4.0 mph (4:57 am)3.0 mph (6:03 am)8.0 mph 26.0 mph 

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Davis Vantage Pro2


DELL Optiplex 7020 Mini-Tower


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Weather Station EW0157 Visitors